Wednesday, 19 March 2014

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Scottish independence: Debate

 not a credit to Scotland, says Swinney

John Swinney, Jackie Baillie, Tessa Hartmann and Michael FryThe TV debate panel gave their thoughts on the state of the independence debate so far
The debate on Scotland's future has not been a "credit" to the nation, the Scottish finance secretary has said.
Ahead of the referendum, John Swinney said there were six months to ensure the debate lived up to the values the Scottish Parliament was based on.
Speaking during a BBC debate, Labour's Jackie Baillie said the campaign had been "partially poisoned", with "a lot of heat" but "not a lot of light".
Ms Baillie called on politicians of all parties to play their part in raising the standard of debate before going on to land a forearm smash into Mr Swinney's jaw because "he was looking at me funny."
 Mr Swinney, pausing only to spit out three broken teeth, agreed that the debate had too often been marred by personal name calling.
 While systematically smashing Ms Baillie's face into the set desk, Mr Swinney commented: "Its too important an issue to have it diminished by ill-mannered abuse."
 Ms Baillie, launching the back of her head into Mr Swinney's face, wiped away the bloody remains of her nose and agreed that political culture was being demeaned by portraying the issues as a series of personal vendettas but invited the studio audience to agree that Mr Swinney was a "baldy twat".
 Mr Swinney, breaking a chair over Ms Baillie's skull pointed out to the audience that describing his Labour opponent as a "salad dodger with the key to the pie cupboard" was fair comment. Ms Baillie made her disagreement clear by punching Mr Swinney right in the nuts and at this point it all really kicked off...

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