Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hours of endless fun awaits

courtesy of Thunder Bay Pete who sent me this link to a accent translator/guide to pronunciation that does a pretty good job handling this,oor native tongue. 
After you've tried the easy wans like Edinburgh, I would highly recommend moving on to the more challenging iterations, like Get you tae fuck ye basturrd and Aye, so ah willnae etc

I recall the cosmopolitan intellectual that is and wis Barry Ferguson (courtesy of Only an Excuse) succinctly encapsulating the existential dilemma of ontology with his epoch-shattering
 " Ah uhm whit ah uhm and Ahm urnae what ahm urnae."
 How very true, that exercise in patois might just break the software on this gadget much like according to the IT Crowd, searching for Google breaks the internet.
Incidentally, there's a bit of a head scratcher further down the product page which announces that the Scottish software is available free to Scottish school kids. Er right, and why would Scottish school kids needs help in pronouncing things they way they speak already?
I can only think its aimed at providing an linguistic escape route should a mini-bus from Fettes ever break down in say, Pilton.
 Your average Fettes pupil might be thankful for the camouflage provided in pretending to talk local. Any rough edges can of course be sanded off the accent on going up to Cambridge.
Anyway, enjoy:

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