Monday, 18 November 2013

Richard Wilson struggles to find an appropriate phrase to describe his incredulity...

The actor Richard Wilson, honoured at the Scottish BAFTAS for his outstanding contribution to television and film, struggled to find an appropriate phrase to describe his surprise at being given the award.
 Mr Wilson did accept that there had been rumours flying around prior to the award night but he told The JT:" It was put to me that I might be in line for an award but my response was to say that I thought the whole prospect  to be highly unlikely."

 Even when the idea was mooted by his long-term friend and agent, Mr Wilson averred remarking: "The whole idea just breaks all bounds of credibility." Mr Wilson confessed himself surprised and delighted by the totally unexpected turn of events:
" When my name was announced my first thought was, I've been transported into an alternative dimension where conventional, empirical notions of truth, falsity and evidential rules do not apply.But even that doesn't accurately describe my inner emotional and intellectual state of incredulity, perhaps no such phrase exists."
 Mr Wilson is  best known for his roles in long running TV shows like Only When I Laugh, Tutti Frutti and, of course, Merlin.