Thursday, 13 December 2012

From The BBC (Almost)

Anger over 'champagning' stunt at St Andrews University

The students running along the West Sands to mimic the opening scene of Chariots of FireThe wankers running along the West Sands to mimic the opening scene of Chariots of Fire
A group of wankers have been accused of tarnishing St Andrews University's reputation with a video where they pour bottles of champagne over their heads.
Students from other parts of the UK have been posting videos online where they tip milk over their heads.
It is understood the St Andrews wankers were trying to show they were more affluent by turning the "milking" trend into "champagning".
The students' association's president said he was furious at the prank.
Freddie Fforde said their actions had undermined efforts to attract people from all backgrounds to St Andrews.
Seven wankers are seen in the YouTube video, which has now been removed, wasting 25 bottles of what appears to be champagne.
Mr Fforde told the BBC Scotland news website: "I am furious about this because of all the work students and I have done to encourage students from all backgrounds to apply here.
"This video has undermined our image and undoes a lot of good we have done.
"I have spoken to the wankers involved and they realise they have made a massive mistake. They are very embarrassed about it and have gone into hiding."
Inside: Only at St.Andrews would the president of the student association be called Freddie Fforde. Which gives me an excuse to re-cycle an very old gag:"How many St. Andrews' students does it take to change a lightbulb? Two. One to mix the pink gins the other to phone the porters' lodge."

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