Tuesday, 11 December 2012

"Ce n'est pas..." Bruce statue to be re-imagined in well thought out plan...

"Man on horse..."
The renovation of the  Bruce statue at Bannockburn was completed this week, with the artist concerned going for a more modern approach. Pausing only to put down his chisel the spokessculpter told The JT:
 " We thought that the Bruce statue had to reflect the development of equestrian statuary in modernist art. So we've gone not so much for cubism as oblongism."
"Ce n'est pas un homme sur un cheval..."

It is thought that the  resulting strange monolith will prove popular, especially with coach parties from Alloa, who are expected to become very excited, hoot loudly and throw animal bones into the air. Much like any other Saturday night in Drysdale Street if truth be told...

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