Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ooh spooky! No, not really...

The image of a hooded figure, captured by cameramenand seen by only thousands of people in Dunblane , during Andy Murray's walkabout is likely to spark widespread speculation about what it all means. 

Professor Beaker, of Stirling's  Department For Over-thinking Shit told The JT:" It might be just some bloke with his hood up, but is it? He's clearly the only person in the shot wearing a hood. Could it be, at some metaphorical level, a warning to Andy Murray, not to succumb to hubris? Is it an elaborate signifier pointing up the Scottish tradition of not really enjoying anything too much because eventually  it's all going to go to shit?"

We contacted the hooded figure who confirmed that he was in fact Colin, Gatherer of Souls, The Grim Reaper, but it was his day off and he just fancied a day out in Dunblane. " I wasn't here to pick up Andy" he laughingly explained, or transport him to Hades. "Actually, I left my scythe back in Hades today, I wouldn't want anyone to get accidentally nicked. Very sharp things, scythes."
 Colin fully intends to return to Hades later today but has to detour first to the place where he takes really bad souls. "When is the last train to Airdrie anyway?"
Asked about the hooded-figure standing behind him Andy commented: "I've no idea, I thought it was some bloke dressed up as Ezio Auditore."

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