Saturday, 5 May 2012

Eldon kills Dawe off...

Kevin Eldon, comic actor, known for his work in Big Train and Nighty Night, has announced his intention to kill off his comic creation Jenny Dawe. 
Mr Eldon told the media that despite enjoying playing the character, the "Leader " of Edinburgh Lib-Dems in the often deliberately farcical show Edinburgh City Council, he'd grown tired of the demands of the role. 

 "I found wearing the wig for hours on end very wearisome although obviously we never had to spend a lot of time in face make-up apart from needing to make me look more butch."

Mr Eldon went on:" Within the farceur tradition the audience expects rather wild plot developments, but I did feel that whole tram sub-plot was taking things a bit too far. We must respect our audiences and the tram story was just  too unbelievable."
While Mr Eldon will now return to shorter-term acting commitments he's philosophical about "his"  Jenny Dawe.

 "At the end of the day, Jenny was just a wig, make-up and questionable dress sense but I'd like to think her ghost will haunt the City Chambers in some way, perhaps moaning, rattling her chain of office and screaming about what she'd like to do to that cunt Clegg."

Ooh, it does look itchy tho' doesn't it?

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Ouch! that's vicious...