Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dundee's George pays tribute to cowboy

In an emotional speech following his electoral victory in Bradford, Dundee's George Galloway paid tribute to his friend and mentor, Fat Wullie, The Cowboy Only George Can See.

He told the audience at the count:"You may only see the bloke standing to my right with the short-sleeved shirt on, I on the other hand can see a gadgie wearing a white cowboy outfit with matching stetson.This phantom,a creature of my imagination, if you will, is Fat Wullie who has guided my every move since starting out as a young politician in Dundee. As a young man I was  filled with just one burning ambition- to get the fuck oot of Dundee."

It is thought that Mr Galloway is responsible for a statue in Dundee paying tribute to Fat Wullie, although for copyright reasons everyone pretends its Desperate Dan.

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