Thursday, 2 December 2010

This just in, the noo like, ken...

Mark McGhee

Mark McGhee has been sacked as manager of Aberdeen with the 53-year-old's side sitting second bottom of the Scottish Premier League table.
But speaking exclusively to The JT, Mr McGhee insisted that he was still manager and it was"business as usual." 
McGhee, whose time at Pittodrie was marked by an extreme disconnect between subjective perception and external reality, said:"there's a big job to be done at the club, and I aim to set about that task just as soon as I get back from holiday." 
It is understood that Mr McGhee is currently  in Egypt, in de Nile.

Club officials are thought to be getting estimates for changing the locks at the Aberdeen's stadium although it is rumoured that costs are thought to be "aafy dear like, ken".

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