Monday, 6 December 2010

"England fail" etc

Work with me on this one people. 
According to the BBC news website, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has withdrawn the offer of a free hotel room to Fifa president Sepp Blatter.
Apparently, the offer of a free room at The Dorchester during the London Olympics, was  now felt inappropriate because England (Boris was part of the bid team) failed to win the World Cup bid.  

See what Boris did there? Apparently its perfectly  OK to offer a freebie to a man who is already  multi-millionaire as long as you make the offer before the WC bid is settled.
 After England lose to a "corrupt process" (according to the mood music coming out of Wembley) Boris withdraws the offer of  a freebie, thus confirming to world and its mother that the offer was originally part of an implied quid pro quo. I know there's an element of situational context when it comes to defining ethics, but surely the logic of Boris here is that the offer of a room would've been perfectly OK had England won.
I wonder, did Boris sleep through the ethics classes at Cambridge?

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voiceofourown said...

Oh, it's worse than that. Rooms were offered to a FIFA delegation - not just Blatter.
Also, I can think of one organisation that, in terms of corruption, is up there with the best (worst) of them. Ladle-spoons and jellymen, I give you the IOC.
Don't remember much being said about that when London won the 2012 Olympics.
It seems clear that corruption per se isn't what has got Mr Johnson, among others, all hot and bothered.