Monday, 30 August 2010

Welcome to "The Antipodes of Affluence" or some other bollocks

In a move designed to have all sensible Aussies reaching for their bank book and making a run for it before it all goes tits up, Alex Salmond this week pronounced on Australia and found it good economic wise. 

He told a frankly bored-stiff JT :" In my previous pronouncements on the economic health of other nations, critics will recall that I described Iceland , Ireland and Norway as forming an arc of prosperity, just before the first two took the lemming leap off the fiscal cliff." 
Mr Salmond, while arguing that being right 33% of the time is pretty good going for an economist like him, he does now recognise the flaw in his  methodology. " In looking around for a sound bite, I jumped in with Iceland and Ireland, when I should have started with countries at the beginning of the alphabet."

In backing the environmental basket-case that is Australia, Mr Salmond is obviously keen for Scotland to emulate the success of its people- succeeding to hang on to the shrinking green fringes of a super-heated rock.

Good luck with that one Alex.

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