Thursday, 29 July 2010

Braga 3 Celtic 0: "I can explain" says Neil

As Celtic's hopes of a European run  in the coming term hang on the shoogliest of pegs, soon-to-be-under-fire 'tic manager Neil Lennon was quick to find a reason for his team's drubbing at the hands of Braga.

He told The JT :" What  it was, was, your Braga weren't sufficiently Celtic-minded enough to roll over and let us win. The problem was that Braga were, in contrast, far too Braga-minded resulting in them winning.So they were"
It is thought that Neil Lennon is  consoling himself with one thought: at least David James wasn't in goal. 
Meanwhile, Neil continues to entertain the fans with his amusing series: "Which DC Thomson comic character am I?"

Neil "Oor Wullie" Lennon, yesterday.

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