Monday, 16 February 2015

FROM THE P AND J: From times long ago, presumably...

North east university bans Hollywood-style training masks

Spot the mentalists!

A north-east university has banned lecturers from using Hollywood-style masks to train nurses to treat mental health patients.
The move follows an angry backlash from patients and support groups over the use of the silicone disguises in role-playing exercises.
Tutors at Robert Gordon University (RGU) wore them as they acted out the parts of characters with complex illnesses, such as dementia and alcohol addiction.
Students and staff had hailed the highly detailed masks as an effective learning tool.
A spokesnurse told the current century: "Apparently, people who are mental don't necessarily look mental. Who knew?"
It is thought that the university is also reviewing its understanding of basic medicine- apparently
that four humours thing is a bit simplistic...

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