Sunday, 15 September 2013

"A cry for help?"

Dude, like seriously tho', whit the fuck?

Worried fans of Irvine Walsh, author the best selling novel, Trainspotting, and other books that were less best-selling, issued a heart felt plea for a fund-raising effort to help a clearly-cash starved author. 
The call came when a picture emerged of Walsh dressed a shirt clearly made out of his grannie's old curtains. 
Professor Beaker of: Edinburgh's Centre For The Study Of Gadgies Fae Leith told The JT: "Its quite clear from the harrowing evidence shown that Mr Walsh is in reduced circumstances. Apart from stealing his grannie's front-room curtains, first put up in 1972, reports indicate that he is desperately fabricating a pair of loon pants  made of those lace-doillie things one's grannie insisted in draping all over her best chairs. And the settee as well."

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