Sunday, 25 August 2013

From BBC Scotland

The national event for Armed Forces Day is to be held in Stirling next year ahead of the independence referendum.
UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said the event would help underline the strength of the union.
Scotland's veterans minister, Keith Brown, said he was not concerned with the UK government's motivation for bringing the event to Scotland.
He said the Scottish government was just glad to be hosting the national day - held annually in June since 2009.
 He told The JT: "Actually, the more I think about it, the  weight of the internal contradictions inherent in the nationalist- yet-part- of- flaccid- post-imperial- Britain-thantic-nostalgia-cult problematic, are making screeching sounds in my head and  I really think that my brain is just about to explode, so would you excuse me?"
Keith, seen here in happier, pre-brain exploding days...

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