Monday, 13 May 2013

From The Hardup, almost....

Sturgeon's benefits vow in bid to win over women to Yes camp

NICOLA Sturgeon today launches a determined bid to woo women voters by pledging to redraw the benefits system in their favour should Scots vote yes in next year's independence referendum.
In addition, Ms Sturgeon, pledged to help Scottish women with their dress sense. 
She said: " As a high-flying, career politician it would be too easy to let things slide in the personal styling department. I'm here to reassure Scottish women that if I can keep on top of the latest fashions then ordinary women can  too." 
Ms Sturgeon pledged that, in a post-independence Scotland, Scottish women would receive advantageous treatment in dealing with the benefits system, while women living in England and Wales post-independence could just go and fuck themselves presumably.

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