Monday, 6 February 2012

Yes indeedy...

Scottish women this week will be urged to cut down on alcohol consumption by reducing the size of the drink consumed. Wise words.
Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, a wummun contacted by The JT said: "I can see how 300 cl of red poured into a 400 cl glass can look a tad excessive which is why I'm taking decisive action - and getting out the 800cl glasses."

In an attempt to scare wummen into drinking less, an app, whatever that is, will be available showing the effect of excessive consumption on a female's coupon.
Our source commented "leaving aside the obvious gag about the 'after'  shot looking better than I do at the best of times, I have been disturbed by the implications of that photograph, which is why I'm taking decisive action by hurriedly deleting it."

It is thought that to combat the toxic effects of alcohol on the body, the mind and the impulsive choosing of sexual partners, women are being advised to have two alcohol-free days a week - yesterday and tomorrow.

This is when you should really start worrying to be honest...

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