Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Waterloo Road comes north, River City goes south

In what is being seen as a really good idea, BBC Scotland's (ahem) "flagship" drama production River City is to relocate production from Glasgow to the small affluent Sussex hamlet  of Much Puddling In The Marsh
The move come after the BBC network announced that school soap Waterloo Road would head north from its current production in Manchesterford*. 

A spokesdaddygotmein for The BBC told The JT :"The move of the  production north will provide 250 new technical posts on Waterloo Road, while the move south of River City will mean that hundreds of people who can act nane will mercifully just fuck right aff south." 

While we're on Planet Luvvie, I note from The Herald that Brad and Angelina visited the Macintosh designed Hill House in Helensburgh because, er, Bradney, is a big architecture fan. 

The copy for the feature reads as follows. This from Ms Lorna Hepburn, The House manager: "We treated them with the same courtesy we would extend to any visitor  and let them enjoy their tour without intrusion or interruption"

Which all sounds perfectly normal and everyday right? Er no. Because in the very next sentence oor Lorna's records that : "After they'd gone we all felt exhausted" 
Lorna! What were you up to?

Inside: *Department of Obscure references. Manchesterford? Any takers?

"Oh Mr Pitt! What ever shall we do if Angelina comes back from the toilet unexpectedly?
Oh, alright then, but hurry, we'll need to be quick."

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